Jute Hojo Rope 15 feet


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Hojo rope is best suited for sadistic Hojojutsu, hair ties, CBT, binding fingers and toes, and the like. It can be compared to the rope others are selling as 4mm, although the actual diameter when measured with calipers is closer to 3mm. (Measuring rope diameter is somewhat subjective.) Ropespace jute is denser and has more body (more fiber per millimeter) due to compression added during the twisting process.

When added to a Kinbaku rope kit we recommend one rope. For a Hojo kit we recommend three or four.

Our jute rope is hand-made by master rope-maker Bodhi. Our rope is crafted one length at a time using traditional methods which make it specifically suited to bondage having the perfect balance of hardness, body, flexibility, strength, smoothness, and tooth.

The quality starts with the yarn. Only the best textile yarn is used to make RopeSpace jute. The strands of yarn are laid up in the rope walk and stretched out in a fashion that ensures even balance of weight-distribution for a stronger, more-even rope. After the strands are twisted, they are individually set before being combined into rope. The rope is settled through back-twisting and then the twist is set through wetting and drying under tension. Next the rope is gassed and polished to removed excess fuzz from the surface. Finally it is oiled to improve the strength and durability of the fibers and waxed to give the surface a fine finish. Our rope comes fully treated and ready to use right out of the box.

Great care is taken to ensure that each length of rope has ideal handling properties.

We recommend the ends of your 15 foot hojo ropes be finished using a sail-makers whipping. Sail-makers whipping is the smallest, least obtrusive finishing method and will not get in the way of fine detail bondage. The knots at the end of larger ropes allow you to add the next rope quickly and easily, but most of the time you won’t need to add rope when doing fine work. If you prefer, you may choose a different end finishing from the drop-down menu. We only keep rope in stock with Sail-makers whipping, so please allow additional processing time for custom ends.

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End Finishing

Water Knot, Thistle Knot, Sail-makers Whipping, Overhand Knot


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