Eastern NC Rope Bite

Our Mission

Our Mission is to cultivate a strong, welcoming rope culture here in eastern North Carolina. We hold hands-on classes in Wilmington and Jacksonville each month. We hope that  anyone who wants to learn will come out to . All skill levels are welcome, and participation is encouraged.

At this time, most of the sessions are directed teaching, but we want to encourage others to share their knowledge of rope and different styles of tying and rigging as more people gain confidence. In the future, we also hope to bring in more experienced presenters to teach advanced classes.

Schedule and Location

We have two regularly-scheduled rope practices each month. The plan for now is to have the two sessions cover the same material so that people won’t need to travel as much. However, in the future, we hope to have guest presenters (in which case, we wouldn’t have repeat sessions).

  • The first Friday of the month in Jacksonville 7pm -9pm: In order to accommodate our members who are closer to Jacksonville, we will be holding a practice at The Society’s new play space. This is an ideal space for bondage, and we are very lucky to have this space to work.
  • The third Friday of the month in Wilmington 7pm- 9pm: We will be meeting at 1 Wicked Gallery (205 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC). This practice is open to the public.

Please see the calendar for specific dates and times of all events.

If you are not in the Wilmington area, then please see Rope Bite International for your nearest Rope Bite community.

Eastern NC Rope Bite Group Rules

No alcohol allowed. You must be at least 18 years-of-age to attend.

Wilmington meetings are held in a public space, so all are welcome.

Jacksonville meetings are held at a private home. Therefore, you must be “vetted” in order to attend. The vetting process is simple: you must meet with one of our group leaders or have attended an event hosted by Eastern NC Rope Bite, The Society of Jacksonville, or The Society of Wilmington. Both branches of The Society have regular social gatherings for the purpose of vetting new members. You may also attend as a guest of a vetted member, but they will be held responsible for your behavior at the event.

In Wilmington and the surrounding areas, there are many opportunities for those interested in the BDSM-lifestyle to socialize. If you are looking for those events, contact us and we will gladly send you information. The purpose of this group is to practice rope bondage, and we’d like to maintain that focus.

During the Sessions

  • Please don’t walk on the mats with high heels.
  • We recommend that you wear little or no jewelry. Earrings and necklaces should not be worn during bondage. Also, for your safety, we suggest you remove or tape any nipple or navel jewelry.
  • If you plan on tying, please be considerate of those being tied and cut/file your fingernails. As is always the case, attention to  personal hygiene is appreciated.
  • This is a rope bondage practice group. If you wish to discuss religion, debate politics, or “hook-up,” this is not the place to do it.
  • Leave your ego at the door. This is a rope practice group. People have different learning styles, and some people assimilate information faster than others. We accommodate all those eager to learn. We provide a safe and comfortable space for you to learn to tie and/or be tied.
  • All body types and levels of physical ability are welcome to explore rope bondage here. The safety of the bottom is always first and foremost.
  • If you plan to bring your own rope, we recommend you bring 3-6 thirty-foot pieces. If you are using house rope, we ask that all bottoms wear underwear and no rope contacts bodily fluid (i.e., no rope in the mouth or crotch, please).