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Workshop: Single-Column Tie (8/1/2012)

We provide 30-minute workshops for those seeking an introduction to rope bondage.

[box]Date/Time: August 8, 2012 @ 7:00pm
Location: Spyces – 117 Grace Street, Wilmington, NC
Topic: Single-Column Tie[/box]

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Classes are limited to 6 couples at a time so that everyone can have hands-on practice. We run a 30 minute class starting at 7pm, and if there are more people waiting to get in, we run another session at 7:45pm.

The Single-Column tie is a non-tightening cuff with several wraps that provide an even comfortable band. It is often the starting point of other bondage ties. There are dozens of ways to tie a single-column cuff. We will teach you our two favorites: the Yuki knot and Somerville Bowline. We will also cover how to attach the free end of the rope to a fixed object or other body part.

Rope will be provided for you to practice with. You can also purchase RopeSpace jute at Spyces (on the main level) or through the store on this site.

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About Ma'iitsoh Yazhi

I'm new to the scene and to rope bondage, but became quickly obsessed and am learning more every day. I'm also the webmaster for this site and a freelance web developer. I'm mostly here to listen and learn.

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