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Rope Practice: Jacksonville (8/3/2012)

This is an Eastern NC Rope Bite event. We provide rope practice sessions twice a month, once in Wilmington, NC and once in Jacksonville, NC.

[box]Date/Time: August 3, 2012 @ 7:00pm (2 hrs.)
Location: Private (see below)
Topic: Box-Tie Variations [/box]

This month we will be learning variations on the box tie to accommodate different levels of flexibility. Variations will include: arms at the side, arms in front of the body, and with wrists behind the back but not touching.

Because this event is held at a private location, new members are asked to contact us for approval.

About Ma'iitsoh Yazhi

I'm new to the scene and to rope bondage, but became quickly obsessed and am learning more every day. I'm also the webmaster for this site and a freelance web developer. I'm mostly here to listen and learn.

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