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Another Great Rope Practice

By July 10, 2012 Rope Life No Comments

Friday, July 6th, at the Jacksonville studio was absolutely wonderful. We had visitors from both Raleigh and Asheville.

We covered the basic structures of a chest harness as well as a rope corset. Bodhi did two variations of the corset; one of which used a chopstick as a quick release. Afterward, Bodhi and I did a couple of inverted suspensions on the visitors. They enjoyed themselves and we did as well.  All in all it was a wonderful time, and I’m always pleased to learn more and have the opportunity for growth.

On Saturday we had the pleasure of visiting a good friend, and I was able to practice my three rope suspension. I’m still struggling with technique and flow, but practice makes perfect. I’m setting new goals and using new methods to practice with. More on those later, provided they prove to be beneficial.



About Bodhi

Bodhi: Rope maker, Rope Educator, Rope fanatic. Bodhi spends most of his free time sequestered in his rope room studying, practicing and caring for his rope. Bodhi has been active in the scene for 10 years. With a broad range of kinky experience, Bodhi has chosen rope as his primary kink. It is rare to find him doing anything else at a kinky event and has become the local "rope guy." After being asked to show people how to tie at every event he attends, Bodhi has taken an interest in teaching. He runs the local rope practice group, Eastern NC Rope Bite, and has taught classes at The Society of Jacksonville and Karolina Kink Academy.

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