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A Visitor from Charleston

Twisted_Kilt came up from Charleston, South Carolina, to attend Eastern NC Rope Bite this Friday, and we showed him around Downtown Wilmington a little before the practice. Rope practice itself was well attended. Many of our repeat attendees have been practicing at home. Seeing people getting it and having fun has been very rewarding for us.

After practice a  group of us went next door for dinner at Phun Seafood Bar, the best noodles in town! We hit it off with Twisted_Kilt. He shares our passionate geekery for rope.

The next morning, Twisted_Kilt came by our house for brunch and a quick rope making demo. He was very enthusiastic about learning more about the rope making process and told me all about his rope making experiences.

During dinner the previous night, Twisted_Kilt mentioned he had never attempted a rope suspension before, so my wife offered be his first suspension. After brunch I walked him through the basic tie-ins and lifts and explained the mechanics of  a sideways suspension from start to finish. I had him practice the lifts on his leg a few times, then asked him to put a Takate Kote (box tie) on my wife while I supervised. He was a very quick study, and with few minor adjustments it was suspension-ready. He tied the box tie off to the suspension rig, tied her thigh and her other ankle, and then pulled her up without a problem. She was quite comfortable hanging there for a few minutes while we admired his handiwork and took a picture. He was pleased to have completed his first suspension flawlessly, and I was pleased to have taught my second suspension student.

My first  suspensions were very clumsy, so I’m always glad to see others able to benefit from my mistakes.

We’re excited to have people coming so far to attend our practice. We are already planning our visit to Charleston, and Twisted_ Kilt has promised to return with a contingent of Charlestonians!

About BittenKitten

I am BittenKitten (AKA, Princess Potty-mouth), the logistics maven for Ropespace.com. I married a rope-geek who, happily, introduced me to the sensual beauty of rope bondage. For me, rope is more than a physical experience - it is emotional and psychological, as well. Through rope, I have discovered deep connection - to my partner, my inner-self, and a diverse community of people who are serious about expressing themselves through the art of rope bondage.

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