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  1. ropespace (n): a pleasant, meditative, trance-like state brought about through the practice of sensual rope bondage
  2. rope space (n): a physical space in which to practice rope bondage
  3. RopeSpace (n): an instructional, rope-making business and online resource for learning about rope and rope bondage

At RopeSpace.com you will find rope bondage tutorials, instructions for proper care & use of your jute or hemp rope, local class schedules, and hand-made rope for sale.

Bondage is important to the staff at RopeSpace.com, and we want to make it important to you, too. Every member of the staff has a deep love for and intimate knowledge of rope, rope making, and rope bondage. This site is a place for us to share our passion for rope with the world. We spend our time practicing rope  bondage, making rope, learning about every aspect of rope, and teaching everyone who is open-minded enough to listen.

Rope is a tool for communication on a deep level. Our mission is to give you the tools to make ropespace happen. Those tools are  both physical (the tools and materials) and mental (the training and support). We strive to provide the most sensual rope and the best tutorial videos while building a strong and welcoming community and rope culture.

We hope you will join us and discover your own ropespace.

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Our jute rope is hand-made by master rope-maker Bodhi. Our rope is crafted one length at a time using traditional methods which make it specifically suited for bondage, giving it the perfect balance of hardness, body, flexibility, strength, smoothness, and tooth.

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